Our Mission

Filtech is a Japanese brand with more than 15 years of experience in water filtration and air purification products ranging from counter tops, faucets, pitchers, shower heads, air purifiers and many more. With a mission to offer competitively priced and effective water filters for every household, we continuously strive in our innovation and technology to be a global leader of the industry.

Established as a proud representative in the Japan market, we are also rapidly building an identity in several Southeast Asia countries. This is accompanied by extensive research and development initiatives for our in-house filtration technology which strengthened our capabilities as well as expertise.

Our vision

Filtech aims to provide our customers with the best service and satisfaction with our professional customer service as well as impeccable quality of products. Customers are our number one priority and therefore we seek to ensure that they receive nothing but the best.

We have the vision to be recognized as a leader of the water filter and air purifier industry, while aspiring to build strong relationships with all our customers by bringing them with personalised service, the best products, and the most competitive pricing. This is not forgetting the goal for continuous improvement and staying ahead with technological advancements.