Incorporating Filtered Water Into Your Everyday Life

Water is essential in our everyday lives – drinking, cleaning, and cooking. Without clean water, we could not possibly survive. However, filtered water is the only option when it comes to selecting the safest and healthiest water.

Fortunately, Singapore tap water is typically of high quality. But by the time it gets from the water treatment facility to your home, it can have picked up a variety of impurities that might lower the quality of your water, including metals, chemicals, undesirable minerals, and other impurities. This may have an impact on the flavor of the water you drink as well as the food you cook.

Getting a water filter may be used all over your house and not only aids in removing some of the chemicals and particles that may be present in tap water, such as chlorine, rust, and cysts like giardia and cryptosporidium. Many individuals just filter the water they consume. But what’s this? Other practical applications for filtered water abound! We’ve compiled a list of other practical uses for filtered water that you can incorporate into your everyday lives. 


  1. Cooking

We dived deep on this one in our previous blog posts, and it’s definitely one that deserves to be at the top of the list. Cooking with tap water exposes you to the chemicals and other contaminants that are frequently present in our water supply.

You can significantly limit this exposure by simply using filtered water in your cooking. The good news is that filtered water still contains essential minerals like calcium that your body needs.

Additionally, it makes your food taste better. The metallic chlorine taste that tap water has is eliminated by filtration.

And it improves the appearance of your cuisine. Food’s natural colors are preserved during the cooking process. Baking components like yeast can work differently when they are prepared using tap water. Therefore, if you enjoy baking, using filtered water will make your cakes, pastries, and breads even softer.

  1. Washing Your Face

Our skin, which is the largest organ in our body, absorbs everything that comes into contact with it. Because of this, the water you use to wash your hands and body is important. The chlorine in tap water can seriously harm the health of your skin. It accelerates early aging by removing the skin’s hydration and leaving it dry. Hair is also severely harmed by it. It makes the hair dry and drab by removing its natural color and protecting oils.

You give your skin the best chance to naturally shine when you wash it with filtered water. 

  1. Caring For Your Pets

Your furry friends also deserve the best quality of water they can get! Every day, we take many steps to keep our pets safe and healthy. A nutritious diet, lots of exercise, and appropriate training are frequently top priorities. The truth is that our pets can drink water of the same quality as we can. And purified water is included in that.

In fact, a lot of professionals think that our pets ought to have access to the same pure water that we do. With this in mind, many experts on animals concur that pets should be fed water of the same quality as people. This covers purified or bottled water.

You are promoting your pets’ health by giving them access to filtered water. We are all aware that regular tap water contains bacteria. However, these bacteria can make pets ill just like it affects us humans. especially if they come into contact with specific germs.

Giving filtered water to your cat will get rid of any potential pathogens or metals from being ingested. You might be surprised to learn that pets, like people, require clean water. Giving filtered water to your pets makes a lot of sense for this reason.

  1. Showering & Bathing

Many substances enter our bodies through the skin. It’s simple to convince ourselves that water won’t damage us if we don’t consume it, but this isn’t the case. When we shower or bathe in unfiltered water, it can have a harmful impact on our skin, hair, and general health. 

Tap water’s high chlorine content can actually dehydrate and irritate your skin. Since it is so effective at eliminating pathogens like bacteria and viruses, chlorine is the most widely used water disinfectant in the world. Nevertheless, studies indicate that chlorine steams, when vaporized in hot water, may irritate skin and eyes and create breathing difficulties, particularly in those who have asthma. 

Showering with filtered water will remove the majority of toxins that could be aggressive or detrimental to your skin and hair. Hair that has been colored will shine longer and have more vibrant colors because the filter also removes chlorine from the water.

  1. Watering Your Plants 

Rainfall and filtered water for plants are the two options to consider. Owners of plants should consider installing a home water filtration system because not everyone lives in a location where they can gather a sufficient amount of rainwater. Reverse osmosis water filters are frequently used in home filtration systems.

By forcing water through membrane filters, a reverse osmosis system purifies water by filtering out particles and pollutants. Using filtered water for watering your plants makes sure that you’re able to sustain their life or even extend it. 

Bacteria can be killed by the chlorine in tap water. This can disrupt the beneficial soil microorganisms that plants require to survive in large quantities. Your plant’s roots may become damaged by chlorine, which will stop them from growing.

If you see a thin, whitish crust on the soil’s surface, it means your plants have accumulated dangerous minerals and salts from utilizing tap water. If you want to keep your plants robust and healthy, you should think about installing a filtered water system. 


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