Why Choosing the Right Clothes Hangers is Important

When it comes to clothes hangers, we all know the basic functions they offer (hanging our clothes of course!) and do not give much thought to what we use to hang our clothes on. But do you know that using the wrong hanger can ruin an expensive piece of clothing, causing it to be deformed and unwearable? Selecting the right hangers are extremely important and they should be seen as a long-term investment. Common plastic hangers are the most popular of them all which are also available at an affordable price. However, there are a variety of clothes hanger variations which serve different purposes. Get ready to find out how to better organise your closet with what we are going to share with you!

Plastic Hangers

First up, the most popular of them all, Plastic Hangers. They are widely available in convenience stores and supermarkets at extremely low prices. With all kinds of shapes and colours, plastic hangers are decent in hanging light-weight clothing and should only be used for low-cost clothing. This is they are very slim in thickness which do not do a good job for retaining your clothes’ shape. In addition, plastic has a high tendency to bend and break under heavier clothing. That will result in over stretching of your clothes and deforming their initial structure. Another con for plastic hangers is that they have a slippery surface which allow clothing to easily slip off. Imagine rushing to get your clothes and causing other clothes to slip off in the process. Therefore, plastic hangers should be used moderately in your closet and avoid them for bulkier clothing like coats, jackets, shirts and pants for example.

Wire Hangers

Another popular version is Wire Hangers. They are wired metal twisted and shaped to a hanger which are the thinnest of all hangers. To avoid rusting, wire hangers are usually either painted over or wrapped in a rubber tubing. Most homeowners will utilise them for maximum space-saving and affordability. However, like plastic hangers, they are flimsy and cannot withstand heavy clothing. Furthermore, they still rust overtime and we are sure most of us have encountered this issue before. The brown stains are such a big hassle to wash away and wire hangers should only be treated as disposable hangers with a short shelf life.

 Wooden Hangers

Wooden Hangers are undoubtedly the limelight of any closet with their sleek and aesthetic design. With their sturdy and thicker structure, Wooden Hangers are perfect for all kinds of clothing regardless of their weight. From pants to jackets and coats, they have no issue hanging them. As they are thicker in width, clothing will retain their shape and not get damaged. Contoured wooden hangers should be used for coats and blazers to provide the proper support and shape they require. A con to wooden hangers will be that they are more costly and they take up significantly more space compared to its counterparts. If you have a small closet, wooden hangers may not be so suitable for you.

Cedar Wood Hangers

Andre Premium Cedar Wood Clothes Hanger

Have expensive clothes you want to protect and maintain? Consider Cedar Wood Hangers which are the perfect solution for you. Cedar wood is a natural pest repellent which rids any insects or bugs that may reside in clothing. With a porous body, it absorbs any additional moisture and sweat and refreshes your clothing with a raw cedar aroma. Be rest assured of your clothes’ quality and shape by hanging them on cedar wood hangers.

Velvet Hangers

Velvet hangers are wrapped in a layer of soft or velvet-like material which are suited to hang delicate clothing while ensuring they do not slide off. They can include night gowns, pyjamas and female blouses. Do note that they should only be used for lightweight clothing and avoid hanging wet clothes as the velvet will retain the water and stain your clothing.

Hangers With a Locking Bar

If you have matching outfits like a suit and pants, consider using Hangers with a locking bar. The bar is rounded and designed for hanging pants without leaving a folded line and creases on your pants. Hanging your attire together will save you time when trying to look for specific individual clothing especially if you are in a rush.


A simple act of selecting the right hanger for your clothes can go a long way by extending their lifespan significantly. Saving 10 dollars on cheaper plastic or wire hangers can cost you the price of 500 dollars for your expensive suit. Therefore, invest in quality hangers and be rest assured that your clothes will be well taken care of!

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