5 Ways to Create a Minimalist Bathroom

The bathroom is possibly one of the most essential rooms in your home. Having a sleek and simple bathroom can easily be stylishly satisfying without yielding its functionality. It can be the most complicated rooms to design, renovate and remodel. Somewhat in light of the fact that they get so much utilize, yet additionally it is not a simple undertaking task to combine styles, function and concern about the actual use. Thus, many turn to minimalist bathroom.

One of the perpetual looks in Singapore is minimalism. Currently, one of the top few trends for bathroom design styles is minimalist chic. Reason being a minimalist bathroom is about the designs that call for elegant simplicity and functionality. Ideal for decorating small spaces, the minimalist style visually stretch small rooms and add a contemporary, chic look to the functional room. For a bathroom that is sleek and stylish with a quiet and serene environment, opting to incorporate a minimalist design and layout is ideal.

Living in a fast-paced society, many appreciate the simplistic approach to a bathroom design. Being able to get ready for work quickly and easily, a low-maintenance minimalist bathroom design will be what they are looking for as it provides practical, efficient, and time-saving benefits.


So, what does a Minimalist Bathroom need?


1. Have plenty of storage

Rather than stuffing everything in large cabinets, display colorful designed pattern towels in open shelving to add more warmth and playful colors to your space and discard unwanted large furniture. Most importantly, utilize the entire space from the ceiling to the floor and ensure that the bathroom has plenty of storage space smartly incorporated together. An example for additional storage will be to use floating shelves which at the same time a decorates your bathroom. Also, basin and mirror cabinets are awesome ways to increase storage while not compromising much space.

2. Remove the Clutter

Clutter is an absolute no no. The key in minimalist is to be as minimal as possible. Therefore, it has to be removed and get out of the way. Whatever items that are crowded together and visible should be kept and stored away. For example, your morning essentials like toothpaste and tumblers should be neatly arranged and also using soap dispensers instead of the numerous generic bottles that come when you purchase them.


3. More than just Display

As the heading suggests, every furniture, fitting or accessory in your bathroom should have a purpose and not just a display item. Small bathrooms especially, can be extremely easy to get cluttered. Thus, the functionality of these items must be considered before you add them in your bathroom. If you still wish to add solely display items, pick a maximum of 3 which will not crowd or take up unnecessary space.


4. Neutral Colours

Utilizing neutral colours is key, they help to give your bathroom a soothing and clean look. White and grey are popular neutral colours in a minimalist bathroom and the colour white brings about a clean design. You can use white or grey for the walls and add in other neutral colours as accents. This will enhance the space and brightness of your bathroom without the need of light to do so. That being said, it is also important for your bathroom fittings and accessories to have similar colour tones so that they blend well in your bathroom.


5. Choosing the Right Bathroom Accessories

Last but not least, selecting the right bathroom accessories is required for a minimalist bathroom. If your fixtures and accessories are old-fashioned or simply old, consider getting them replaced. That does not mean you have to burn a huge hole in your pocket because we provide affordable solutions just for you. As mentioned earlier, anything you add in your bathroom should be functional and you should also consider removing redundant accessories. For example, you do not need a towel bar, towel ring and towel shelf all together in one bathroom as they serve the same purpose. A towel shelf is sufficient. While they serve their purpose, they should also be aesthetically pleasing.


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