Uncovering the Myths of Water Filters

It is obvious that water filters are getting more popular and majority of the household in Singapore own a form of water filter to purify their water, be it for drinking or cooking. Many of us are becoming more health conscious and weary to every single thing. From the things we consume all the way to the air we breathe. With that, relating to our water in specific, there arises the importance of drinking pure water and steps to take to guarantee a safe drinking water supply. However, there are still misunderstandings and misconceptions that prevent people from undertaking these steps. Let us take a closer look at these misconceptions.

Water Filters Require High Maintenance

Through experiences with our customers, many of them raised concerns on the cost as well as the inconvenience to maintain water filters. For filtration systems, an average filter cartridge can last for half a year and will require maintenance probably once a year. That is equivalent or probably less frequent compared to air-conditioning and car servicing. As for the cost of maintenance, there are affordable alternatives which may not offer the same benefits, but still do the job. In fact, faucet filters and pitchers are good examples: Affordable and convenient to maintain.

They Are Costly

This is definitely the number one misconceptions people have. As mentioned earlier, although filtration systems may cost up to a few thousand dollars, there are tap water filters and pitchers costing no more than $50 which gets the job done. It really depends on what you are looking for in a water filter. Besides, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

They Are Difficult to Install

This is somewhat true, especially for water filtration systems. But they usually come with installation provided by the company and are only applicable to large commercial ones. For household use, some systems can be done yourself, with proper tools of course. In fact, tap water filters can be installed in merely 5 minutes and none at all for pitchers!

Less Costly to Go for Bottled Water

Is this really true? Trust us, we have done the math. And truth be told, bottled water will cost significantly more in the long run. It will even be more affordable to have a high-end water filtration system, including installation. Another factor to consider is the amount of plastic you will be contributing to the environment with all the bottled water.


All in all, these perceived misconceptions have adhered many from getting water filters. We do know for sure that our water is safe for consumption, but having an additional measure of safety is definitely a plus. As water filter specialists, our professional team will always be in your service for any inquiries should you need. You can find out more information on water filters through our regular blog updates. Feel free to contact us anytime and it will be of great pleasure for us to be at your service! Good day and drink safe! 🙂

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