When Should you Change the Filter in your Water Filter

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What Can Affect the Lifespan of Your Water Filter

The most common factor that affects the life of your filter will be if you consume more water than the average household. This will greatly reduce its lifespan and you may have to change your filter regularly. Another factor will be if you have hard water (excessive with minerals) which lead to clogging of the filter. When an active carbon filter gets too clogged, it becomes inefficient and powerless as it can no longer filter contaminants.

Signs that your Filter Needs Changing

A simple way to find out if your filter needs changing is to take a look at the filter. If the filter is dirty and full of particles on the outside, it is obvious it is time to replace it. Also, if you realize that there is a significant reduction in your faucet’s water pressure, it is likely that your filter is clogged and that the water flow becomes affected. Another sign will be if you notice an odor in the water or realize that your water has an unpleasant taste, your filter has probably become ineffective in filtering and you should replace it immediately. Regular replacement of your filter ensures that your filtration system works effectively and efficiently.

Why is it Important to Change Your Filters

Filters work by trapping impurities and sediments. Thus, after periods of usage, they get choked by these substances. If they get to choked, water will be unable to flow through and they will become less effective. Being diligent on changing your filters will guarantee optimum performance and effectiveness of your filters. It will be good to constantly keep a backup filter for regular replacements. Replacement cartridges are usually sold by the brands or suppliers of the filters. At Filtech, we offer replacements for all our products and doorstep deliveries instantly.

Choosing the Right Filter Replacement

Ensuring that you choose the right filter replacement is crucial. Filter cartridges are not certainly universal. Although many cartridges may seem similar in size, a slightest difference in size can cause water to go around the cartridge instead of through it. That will make your filter ineffective and useless.

Moreover, certain filter cartridges may not be certified and of a dissimilar quality. A possible result of using a non-certified cartridge is that materials used in the cartridges may contain impurities and contaminate the water. To make sure that your water filter is performing effectively, use the proper replacement cartridges and replace your filter at the recommended intervals.

Tips to Help you Remember to Replace your Filters

Use a calendar. A calendar will allow you to mark the dates when you need to change or purchase your filters for replacements. You can either use the calendar inbuilt in your smartphone or online ones such as Google or Outlook.

Purchase multiple filter cartridges at one go. By buying your filter cartridges in bulk, you will constantly have one for quick replacement.

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