How a Filter Shower Head Helps your Hair and Skin

Kenji SWF 165 - Water Filter Shower Head White

We may all know that our daily shower plays a part in the well-being and look of our hair and skin. But do you know that the water you shower in plays as huge a role as beauty products for a softer, silkier and healthier hair and skin? As this is the case, a water filter shower head can make a significant difference to the condition of your hair and skin. Here’s an overview of how a filter shower head can help your hair and skin.

1. Remove Bacteria Dwelling in your Shower Head

Research has shown that millions of bacteria and microorganisms may be accumulated in your unfiltered shower head and you may not even know about it since you can’t see them. A simple and affordable filter shower head can do just the job. However, removing bacteria is not all it can do.

2. Save Money and Look More Youthful

You will be surprised to know that a shower head filter can be a cosmetic related tool. While water may contain even the smallest and tiniest amounts of chlorine, contact with the skin and hair may obstruct the balance of mandatory bacteria in our body. This can result in irritated and dull skin as well as contributing to indications of aging, such as wrinkles and skin discoloration. A water filter shower negate the toxins and protects the skin from harmful chemicals present, you can even save money on cosmetic skin products.

Similarly, chlorine strips the essential oils that saturate hair follicles and resulting in frizzy dry hair and an irritated scalp. Removing the chlorine with a filter shower head revitalizes and restores the texture and condition of your hair. Some have cured their dandruff condition with just the help of a filter shower head.

3. Feel Healthier

Do you every now and then feel worse after a lengthy shower than when you first got in? This might be the cause of chlorine absorption. The exposure to chlorine can result in mental depression, physical lethargy and a weakened immune system. Using a shower filter will remove the chlorine and bolster your immune system while keeping your mind refreshed.


So if simply adding a shower filter means better skin and hair without having to spend more money on different products while staying healthy, what are we all waiting for? If you are keen, you can click here to shop with us now!

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