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Air Purifier

Aero Air Purifier

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Forefront Of Water Filtration Innovation

Maintaining the balance between eliminating the harmful bacteria and contaminants found in water while maintaining the good minerals, Filtech water filtration system provides customers with the guarantee of healthy clean water.

Xeltro CT22 Countertop Twin Water Filter

Singaporean’s favourite countertop water filter.  Filtech Technology for cleaner and better-tasting water with 7 Layer ultra twin filtration.

Filtech Filtra

Filtra Plus FWF 177 Tap Water Filter

Top choice for Tap Water Filter. Filtech technology for effective multi-layer filtration process with different modes. An affordable option for easy and convenient purified water.

Filtech Shower Head

Kenji SWF 165 Water Filter Shower Head

Best selling water filter shower head. Effectively removes residual chlorine and impurities in tap water. Shower water is as important as drinking water!

Filtech Xeltro

The Water Filter People Trust

Access to clean and purified water has never been easier. Get only the best with Filtech’s Xeltro CT22 Counter Top Water filter that utilises a 7 stage ultra twin filtration and filtrates up to 99.99% of impurities and rust present in your water supply.

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7 Layer Filtration Technology

Filtech Technology that ensures clean and purified water

0.1 Micron Ceramic Filter

The first filtration process begins with a 5mm thick ceramic filter engineered to filter large particles while preserving minerals intact.

FIR Layer

A Far Infrared Ray (FIR) FIR layer is used to help soften hard water, eliminating offensive odors and preventing bacterial growth.

Ion Exchange Resin

This ion exchange process percolates water through bead-like spherical resin materials (ion-exchange resins).

Anti Bacteria ions

The anti-bacterial ions kill bacteria and deter bacterial growth by breaking down the bacterial cell membranes.

Alkaline Medium

The alkaline medium raises the ph level of the water which aids in neutralising acid in your body.

The granular activated carbon incorporates absorption and catalytic reduction for purification efficiency.

Filtech Hybrid Membrane Technology

This final stage utilizes Filtech’s micro-porous fibre membrane for further pervasive particle exclusion filtration.

Clean Purified Water
Filtech Research

the future of water purification

At Filtech, improvement is everything. Our passionate team of R&D professionals are fiercely dedicated for ever-changing improvement and transformation in all aspects of water filtration and purification, solving problems others neglect. By identifying problems of the future, we are able to be invariably be ahead to revolutionise people’s lives.

efficiency: more with less

Centered on lean engineering, we are able to create a multi-functional filter with capabilities that exceeds a conventional device while maintaining its effectiveness. Designed for maximum simplicity in usage, our filters feature a plug-and-play concept minus the heavy costs in maintenance.

Clean, Purified Water in Seconds

With easy installation and extreme portability, there is no better way to get clean water right from the tap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get a Water Filter?

Water filters and purifiers serve as an excellent medium to purify water flowing out of your taps. Should you belong to the category of one with lower immunity or weaker digestive systems, it is always best to take precaution to prevent the undesirable. Though our water is extremely potable, the level of immunity from human to human does vary. A water filter is also applicable for those with sensitive skin when it comes to having a shower or washing hands. That being said, there are adverse effects arising from showering with chlorinated water and therefore it is essential to utilize a water filter shower head.

Why Filtech’s Water Filters?

We take pride in our premium products. We ensure that they surpass international requirements through stringent testings. Apart from making sure that they are safe for use, quality and results are also a top priority. Filtech’s water filters remove up to 99% of chlorine and other impurities including heavy metals. As purification systems are costly not only to purchase but to maintain as well, we offer affordable purifiers and filters that can do just the job. With easy installation and extreme portability, there is no better way to get clean water right from the tap.

Why are Filtech’s Water Filters so affordable compared to other brands?

We directly import our products from the factory which eliminates all middlemen costs. Moreover, we believe that every household should be able to afford and own a simple filter device which will not burn a big hole in their pockets.

Is There Delivery?

Most certainly! Enjoy free delivery with a minimum purchase of S$80.00. Otherwise, standard delivery to anywhere in Singapore is just S$8.00.

What are the Payment Methods?

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and PAYPAL. Cash will not be accepted.

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